How to Exchange USD and CNY on Swapsy - A Walkthrough

S. Alexander ·
The complete guide to Swapsy, the revolutionary peer-to-peer currency exchange platform with thousands of registered users and thousands of swaps completed!

How to Scan the QR Code Saved on Your Phone

Mike D ·
Another great tip from our Swapsy expert

Baopals, the Smart Way to Shop in China

Baopals ·
Taobao and Tmall in English, and better.

3 Awesome Places to Visit in China that Aren't Shanghai or Beijing

Quincy Smith ·
With a land area of more than 3.7 million square miles, there's plenty of China to explore, and here are three places in this Far East country where you won't feel like just another tourist.

5 Apps You Need to Download Before Visiting China

Quincy Smith ·
The ultimate guide to live like a local in china, from an expat who currently calls Shanghai home.

The CHEAPEST Way to Convert RMB to USD (and Vice Versa)

Richelle ·
After living in China for five years, I’d like to think I’ve become an expert on how to convert RMB to USD and vice versa. I’ve literally tried every trick in the book, to find affordable ways to get my USD into China, and my RMB out of China.

Do you need WeChat Pay?

D. Jack ·
This is an article from one of the pioneer users of Swapsy, who is now studying in China. We are honored to share his experience with you all and hope you find it insightful as well as fun.

Zelle and PayPal Tips for Swappers

Mike D & Sandi Yu ·
What is the most popular E-wallets on Swapsy? How to get a match faster? And how to avoid paying fees when using Paypal? Here are the insights.

How to Insert Transaction Code in Different E-wallets

Mike D & Sandi Yu ·
The myth of adding "the code".

The Swapsy Story

Sandi Yu ·
Where the idea of Swapsy came from.

The Expat Remittance Experience

S. Alexander ·
Living abroad as an expat is a multifaceted experience wrapped up in fun yet complicated challenges.

Why You Should Go to China

Sandi Yu ·
Hundreds of thousands of Chinese study and work in western countries now, but in the next decades, it may just be the other way round. The world goes to China for travel, education and business. Come and join this big family of Expats in China.

The Most Foreign Friendly Banks in China

S. Alexander ·
How to choose a foreign friendly bank in China? Here are the tips for you from our Ms Expat.

Daigou, “Grassroots” Solution to Fighting Tariffs

Sandi Yu & S. Alexander ·
According to Wikipedia, Daigou or “overseas personal shopper” is a channel of commerce in which a person outside of China purchases commodities for a customer in mainland China. Daigou sales across sectors total $15 billion annually.

Swapsy, 让美元和人民币确认眼神

小J ·

Zelle 和 PayPal 小贴士

Mike D ·

2018 H1B赞助最多的公司名单,求职按照这个找,准没错!

CareerTu ·
对于留学生而言,在定位求职目标企业前,有必要增加的一个步骤,就是了解一下这个公司之前有没有sponsor H1B成功的历史,越多H1B Sponsor成功案例,就说明这家公司对国际学生友好,也更容易在审核阶段通过。求职是件大工程,有的放矢,才能事半功倍。


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