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How to Exchange USD and CNY on Swapsy - A Walkthrough

S. Alexander · December 31, 2019
The complete guide to Swapsy, the revolutionary peer-to-peer currency exchange platform with thousands of registered use...
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Breaking Down the Real Cost of Study Abroad in the US

Ting · September 11, 2019
According to the US Department of Education, the average cost of attending university is $16,757 for public institution...
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7 Easy Money-saving Tips for International Students

Ting · September 9, 2019
Even though they tend to get charged a lot just to attend school in the United States, international students contribute...
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Swapsy Scholarship Program - Life as an International Student

Laiba Bukhar... · March 8, 2019

One of the selected articles from the first Swapsy Scholarship Program (SSPI) from an exchange student at the University...
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How to Scan the QR Code Saved on Your Phone

Mike D · February 5, 2019

Another great tip from our Swapsy expert
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Baopals, the Smart Way to Shop in China

Baopals · December 12, 2018

Taobao and Tmall in English, and better.
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3 Awesome Places to Visit in China that Aren't Shanghai or Beijing

Quincy Smith · November 9, 2018

With a land area of more than 3.7 million square miles, there's plenty of China to explore, and here are three places in...
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5 Apps You Need to Download Before Visiting China

Quincy Smith · October 10, 2018

The ultimate guide to live like a local in china, from an expat who currently calls Shanghai home.
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Do you need WeChat Pay?

D. Jack · September 2, 2018

This is an article from one of the pioneer users of Swapsy, who is now studying in China. We are honored to share his ex...
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Zelle and PayPal Tips for Swappers

Mike D & San... · August 31, 2018

What is the most popular E-wallets on Swapsy? How to get a match faster? And how to avoid paying fees when using Paypal?...
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How to Insert Transaction Code in Different E-wallets

Mike D · August 30, 2018

The myth of adding "the code".
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The Swapsy Story

Sandi Yu · August 16, 2018

Where the idea of Swapsy came from.
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The Expat Remittance Experience

S. Alexander · July 31, 2018

Living abroad as an expat is a multifaceted experience wrapped up in fun yet complicated challenges.
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