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How to Exchange USD and CNY on Swapsy - A Walkthrough

S. Alexander · December 31, 2019
The complete guide to Swapsy, the revolutionary peer-to-peer currency exchange platform with thousands of registered use...
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Breaking Down the Real Cost of Study Abroad in the US

Ting · September 11, 2019
According to the US Department of Education, the average cost of attending university is $16,757 for public institution...
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7 Easy Money-saving Tips for International Students

Ting · September 9, 2019
Even though they tend to get charged a lot just to attend school in the United States, international students contribute...
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Why You Should Go to China

Sandi Yu · July 10, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese study and work in western countries now, but in the next decades, it may just be the ot...
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The Most Foreign Friendly Banks in China

S. Alexander · July 9, 2018

How to choose a foreign friendly bank in China? Here are the tips for you from our Ms Expat.
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Daigou, “Grassroots” Solution to Fighting Tariffs

Sandi Yu & S... · July 9, 2018

According to Wikipedia, Daigou or “overseas personal shopper” is a channel of commerce in which a person outside of Chin...
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