The Swapsy Story

Sandi Yu · August 16, 2018

The idea of Swapsy came from our real life experiences. As a group of international students and expats here at Swapsy, we have had all kinds of problems when sending money across the border.


Waiting in line forever. And when finally getting to the bank counter, I was only to find out that one document or piece of information was missing and I had to go back, get the doc, and wait in the long line all over again.


Finally at the bank counter with all information and documents, but the transaction fees and unfair currency exchange rate was just ridiculous. Feel like robbed by the bank.


Trying some online currency exchange services? Tons of forms to fill out, including all kinds of sensitive, personal information like social security number and home address. It takes forever for them to review and approve the case. And don't even get me started on the rates available on some of those websites.

So, as a group of sky-high foreign exchange fee victims with speed and strong execution, we created Swapsy. This is a marketplace for international students, expats, travellers, people with exchange demands like ourselves. With the help of the prevailing E-wallets, we establish this revolutionary peer-to-peer currency exchange mechanism, which is low cost and super simple.


We work hard to serve our fellow students and meet their household currency exchange demands. We understand the difficulty of living abroad by oneself and wish that we can help make the overseas life a bit easier.

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